NEW IN 2019

In 2019 we have modified the rules and rewards of volunteering to try to reward you for the great work you do year after year.

This year we will deliver Spartan Crew merchandise and for that reason, it is very important that you sign up for all the volunteers with the same email account. Otherwise, we can not count on you and we will not be able to give you the merchandise on the corresponding day.

You can check the volunteer schedules of each race through the registration process by clicking HERE



1. These rules are applicable from 2019. Therefore, 2018 codes can not be combined with 2019 codes.

2. If you have a 2018 volunteer code you can change it for a 2019 race. Provided you are within the validity period (one year).

3. You can not register in a HH or Spartan Kids with volunteer codes.

These are the innovations of volunteering in 2019:



1. Once you have used your volunteer code DO NOT TRANSFER your race because you will receive a transfer code of 0 euros. So never transfer an entry having registered with a volunteer code.

2. Remember that the code is only valid to sign up on Open heat.
If you want to participate in Elite or Age Group, you must register first in Open heat and then change into another category. HERE you have the steps to transfer to another category.

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