Where do I find my results?

We will take your time with your assigned timing chip. Wearing the timing chip is mandatory at any time. Otherwise, we will not be able to register your time.You can see your time and the result just after the race in the timing zone.

After the race the results will be checked again and published officially on the WEBSITE, where you can see them whenever you need them. The day after the event the preliminary results will be available on the website. Mid-week official results will be published on the web.

If you signed up as a team, you will appear in the individual classification and probably in the team ranking, as long as you are a minimum of four who reach the goal. The results are based on the time of the fourth member to reach the finish line. Together we will be stronger! AROOO !!!

This year, Spartan Race innovates with the possibility to get notifications during your race after crossing a crossing point. Your friends and family will be able to follow your evolution on the race in real time.

Stay tuned! The links to follow up will be communicated in a newsletter one week before the race.
IMPORTANT! To activate the tracking, each participant must activate the "ATHLETE UPDATES" box in their CHRONOTRACK ACCOUNT.

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