What should I do after buying my Trifecta Pass?

Once you purchase your Trifecta Pass, we will automatically register you for the three individual race events.

Please note it can take up to an hour for these events to appear on your My Trumin profile.

To access your Events/Profile: 

  1. Please log in at my.trumin.com to access your events.

Your username is the email you registered with.

  1. You will see the three Trifecta Events you registered with under the “My Events” tab.

To Check in for Your Race Events:

  1. Please click on "My Events". You will see a list of all your three Trifecta events. Please tell us which events you intend to come to by selecting "Yes" or "No" on the right hand side. 
  2. For each Trifecta event you will attend, please click on "Check-in now!" Select the heat time that you want to run in, confirm all the details on the screen are correct and click "Save"
  3. Click "Issue my Event Pass", a PDF of your Event Pass will be displayed. Create and accept your electronic signature by typing your full name in the allocated signature field. Your Event Pass will be emailed to you.
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