Can I change my registration to a new event?

You can change your ticket to a new event (different event in the same city or another city) 

Ticket transfer cost depends on the event but varies between 10-20€ (+ fees*)


Please note: the following procedure applies for the events in 2017 (Trumin platform). For procedures in 2018 races please visit the section "Event specific & registration 2018 (Chronotrack)"

You can follow this steps to transfer your ticket:

1. Log in with your user and password
2. Click en "My events" and select "No" in the event you no longer want to participate. **
3. Click on "Transfer ticket"
4. Select the event you want to transfer your ticket.
5. If any payment is needed, amount will be shown at this page.
6. Click "Next"
7. Introduce your billing information
8. You'll get a confirmation message and you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Please, keep in mind that only ONE TRANSFER  is allowed per ticket. If you already transferred your race from/to another city or from/to another city you will not be able to transfer again.

*If ticket price has changed, you'll be asked to pay for the price step in order to transfer. 

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