How does the Team Ranking work?

To race as a team there is no minimum number of team members. But to enter into the team ranking you will need at least 4 people on your team. You should sign up to be on the same heat so that you conquer the course as a team. However, it is not mandatory to be in the same heat.

  • Every team with 4 or more team members automatically joins the team ranking- you do not need to register your team for that ranking.
  • In order to be ranked, 4 team members need to finish the race.
  • Every format (Sprint, Beast, Super) has a separate team ranking. All team members need to be registered in the same format.
  • The team members do not have to be in the same heat, but can race in different heats. It will increase your team experience and you can run as a team in the same heat, but it's not mandatory.
  • A team can be composed by male and female athletes, but there is no separate ranking by gender.
  • Decisive for the team ranking is the time of the 4th athlete of the team in finish. It's not about the best 4 or more individuals but about the best team effort. So run through the course as a team and you will get in with a better team time.
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