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How do I register my child for the kids race?

All the info here :

Three Race Distances for Three Age Groups
4-8 years old: around 750m / 7-10 obstacles.
9-11 years old: around 1,5k / 10-14 obstacles.
12-13 years old: around 2k / 14-17 obstacles.
13+ years old: They can take part of the Junior Race, you have to see with the organization on race day, but it will be possible for the kids between 13 to 16 years old.
To register, click the REGISTER NOW button on the top of the page.


Spartan Junior Finishers Medal
Spartan Junior Finisher t-shirt (your other one should be pretty dirty)

1) Go to the Junior Zone where you will be welcomed by our team Junior AFM-Téléthon.

You will have to:

Present an ID (kid legal representative person);
Sign a waiver;
CAUTION: medical certificate is not mandatory but we just want to insist on your responsibility to estimate if your kid is able to do this type of effort or not. Courses are accessible and secured by our team but this is a particular physical effort that your kid is probably not used to, so we strongly recommend that kids should constantly practice such efforts.
2) Heats will be defined by age and all instructions will be given on site about heat time.

Heats are not pre-defined, kids can come whenever they want and will be taken in charge by the team and placed in a heat corresponding to their age.

If you registered online, no problem, you will be able to come whenever you want during the day.

3) All kids will receive a tee-shirt, a medal, mud and plenty of memories and stories to tell…like adults!

If you forget which distance or starting time you signed up for please email (Please include the child's full name)

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